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Dave Larson - CEO & Founder of TweetSmarter

Dave Larson has been profiled for his social media expertise on CNN, the Huffington Post, Behind the Web, Sun Canada, Intuit, Twitterati, and elsewhere. He is the recipient of a Knight Foundation and Shorty award for excellence in Social Media use.


He provides talks, trainings and consulting in “Pain-Free Social Media” focusing on “benefits without tradeoffs” to business, government, individuals and non-profits. He has answered thousands of questions for his hundreds of thousands of followers on social media since 2007.


When international social media influence ranking organization Klout created their "Klout Stars" program, Dave was the second person inducted, under his Twitter handle, @TweetSmarter.


A public speaker for twenty years, Dave was also recently a winner in the annual “Funniest Person in the Twin Cities” contest. In the Twin Cities where he resides he also teaches acting, improv and voice over classes weekly with his wife, Sarah. Sarah is also a professional speaker, and can be heard daily on WCCO Talk Radio in the Twin Cities and on the web.